Private Collectors Exhibitions

Posted on December 12, 2016 by Nikki McAlpine Miller

Private Collectors Exhibitions in Brighton and Birmingham

A special thanks to all at Castle Fine Art

Photo Credits: Ainhoa Rohrbeck

'Mystery - Series No 1'

Posted on November 11, 2016 by Nikki McAlpine Miller

A series of Limited Edition Art works. Exhibited at galleries throughout the UK.

McAlpine Miller at The Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery, New York

Posted on March 3, 2016 by Nikki McAlpine Miller

With thanks to everyone who attended the Private View of the McAlpine Miller collection of paintings at The Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery in Chelsea, New York.


McAlpine Miller - Hoerle Guggenheim, Chelsea New York. 9-30 March 2016

Posted on February 2, 2016 by Niki McAlpine Miller

McAlpine Miller: Boom! and Bust, by Estelle Lovatt

McAlpine Miller captures such a sense of light in his paintings, so illuminated they make Times Square’s iconic giant animated billboards look dull.  And makes a usually mirror-like surface of a Jeff Koons sculpture appear in need of a good polish. 

When I was invited to write this foreword, I tried imagining what McAlpine Miller’s new portfolio of artwork might look like.  But so inventive is he, I couldn’t.  Still, like a child at Christmas, I was eagerly waiting to open presents under the tree.  In order to release, embrace and believe McAlpine Miller’s (un)imagined (im)possibilities, he retains an almost child-like gaze and joy of the world; to capture the zeal of childhood, that, when looking at his art, I feel like I’m Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’, and his canvases entertain me; as the Queen of Hearts says in Wonderland, “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!”  It’s hallucinations without drugs.  Or, as Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real.”

Looking at McAlpine Miller’s paintings it’s hard to believe the canvases are painted by hand -- using oil paints.  Multi-layered, with a translucent quality, sharply drawn, each looks like it’s been computer generated, contrasted, linked together, photographed and scanned. And then again re-photographed and re-scanned, doing a diktat commenting about the globalisation of our consumer image culture.  McAlpine Miller has one of the most creative minds in art today, and he’s established a process that follows no Masters.  Creating his own genre – let me call it “Supernatural-Realism”.

A doyen behind the easel, affecting change and changing affect, he challenges 2D space towards a 4D Magic-Realism reality, where (dis)ordered fanciful goings-on show values philosophically, by juxtaposition of the real with the cartoon.  Looking at his canvas is like watching a video game featuring Peter Max scuffling with Basquiat and Keith Haring scrapping with Ed Ruscha.  Move over Thomas Kinkade, McAlpine Miller is today’s Master of Light.  Notice the brightness of your backlit computer screen, tablet, cell phone and smart watch.  Compare it to McAlpine Miller’s veiled multi-layers of paint in his canvas.  His high-tech look is contemporary, vintage and retro.  Revealing, in more ways than one, that which is see-through, enlightening and illuminating.  I see new details in it every time I look at it.  So I keep returning to it, as I do a favourite book.

Accomplished with technical genius, his attention to detail shows off his skill of illusion, hooked on a perspective, so curious in pattern, that his compositions are geometrically balanced in the abstract Divine Proportions of Fibonacci’s Golden Mean.  What look like simple compositions are sophisticated, erudite, intricate and multifaceted.  Technically skilled, his craftsmanship is phenomenal.  Appearing like a collage photomontage.  Relatively flat, overall realistic, highly detailed, precise transparency imitating technology; make the invisible visible and the see-through seen through layers, mimicking your Social Media, the illusions of distorted fact detached from reality.  It’s sheer quality.
© Estelle Lovatt, FRSA

Pelé Exhibition at The Halcyon 'Art, Life, Football'

Posted on September 9, 2015 by Nikki Miller

Halcyon Gallery and legendary footballer Pelé have today announced Art, Life, Football, an exhibition celebrating Pelé’s 75th birthday and his lifetime of sporting and humanitarian achievements.

Halcyon Gallery commissioned its internationally acclaimed artists to create a unique exhibition in honour of the global sporting legend.

Opening on Saturday, 26th September, the exhibition will display photography, original paintings, limited sculptures and prints by 15 artists including Andy Warhol, McAlpine Miller, Lorenzo Quinn and Pedro Paricio.


Posted on December 12, 2014 by Nikki Miller

Thank you to all who attended the Private View of "Mirror Mirror" at Castle Fine Art last Thursday. Such an amazing turnout, the night was a great success.

A short video of the event can be found here:

McAlpine Miller "MIRROR MIRROR" Private View


Posted on December 12, 2014 by Nikki Miller

The exhibition "MIRROR MIRROR" will be unveiled at the exclusive Castle Fine Art, 24 Bruton Street, Mayfair. The exhibition will run from 5-27 December 2014

"The paintings in this show have developed from an ongoing process whereby I try to suggest the relationship between the two-dimensional image that is society today and the imaginative excitement of childhood into youth. We seem to be caught in an image-related environment where looks dictate and wealth is achieved. It seems that a productive society is a thing of the past and our reality relies purely on image and how that image is regarded. The main characters in these works reflect this idea entirely, something which goes firmly against the idea of a fair and just feminist society, looked upon as a mere vehicle to promote and sell. The idea that each individual has an imagination and something greater beyond the plastic outer wrapping. Each comic is matched according to the titled painting. Each action in these comic characters is there to suggest a comparison to the female and show a deeper side to the individual In question. Though some of my subjects are highly recognisable the others are designed as generic suggestions….someone you think you may recognise.

Perhaps we can recognise something of ourselves in these works and know that we have the foundations to create greater things for our future." McAlpine Miller

McAlpine Miller: The New Collection by Estelle Lovatt FRSA

Posted on December 12, 2013 by Estelle Lovatt FRSA

McAlpine Miller: The New Collection by Estelle Lovatt FRSA

It is so exciting to see McAlpine Miller’s latest artwork.

At first sight I wondered what it was, exactly, that McAlpine Miller’s newest artworks remind me of.

Then it hit me.  It’s the high-tech look.  In them I see something of both the very modern and the nostalgic, in sync.

It is the merger of today’s science of technology with the prowess of ‘live’ cartoon action that is at the heart of his new body of artwork.  And it is the clarity of these forms of his, both human and animated, that invite me ‘in’ to his frame, to be a participant.  As if a play on the stage, his actors are framed in the scene through architectural elements that challenge today’s 3D space but, realising the art history of centuries past, it is as if you’re looking at a Roman Fresco that’s up to date with 3D Projection Mapping, but also stereographic 4D

The similarities between his traditionally-painted canvases and today’s Social Media micro-electronics are what integrate his pictures.  It’s as if waves of electrical quantum photons (light) take the place of both the traditional Old Master’s Classical or the Modernist’s Impressionistic prism, on level pegging.  By taking the cartoons of yesterday and brightening them up with the cartoon colours of today, his sense of hue is as sophisticated as a Renaissance painter’s in softening natural looking skin tints that appear to be blended with today’s CGI pixelated palette.  From traditional looking Antique White to Saddle Brown he pulls his visionary-art right bang-up-to-date through colours that are so .... of the ‘now’; of today

Walk up any High Street, look in the fashion-chain store’s windows and you’ll see all the models dressed in the same lively, exotic, lush Pantone colours that McAlpine Miller squeezes from emerald green to chilli powder pepper red, canary yellow, tangerine tango, hot pink and peach puff.  He uses colours that look as though they’re on a video display but they’re not, they’re on his canvas.  Here is an artist who really understands what tomorrow’s Social Media is all about.  His treatment of pictorial space is brilliant through the combination of multiple spaces and pictorial surfaces ‘released’ (painted) on ‘multiple platforms’ (picture planes) with an apparent Pixar style of animation about them.  In eye-catching overlapping of graphics therein lays the McAlpine Miller Modernity.

All the things that David Hockney can do with an iPad in terms of colour, collaged composition and cut-and-paste layering, McAlpine Miller takes full circle by doing New School in an Old School style all, incredibly, with his oil paints!  McAlpine Miller is taking Hockney a step further, by taking it a step backwards.  Being far more complex, with traditional oil paints.  His paintings have a 3D look about them.  Seemingly composed through the employment of graphical cropped images edited under a CGI mouse-move, but it is all done with his sable paintbrush not the magic wand of Photoshop.  With this, he paints pictures that connect with you, today.  McAlpine Miller is one of the best artists of our time, painting about our time, in the best way I’ve seen.  This is how he is changing the course of Art History - much in the same way that Da Vinci, Monet and Picasso did.  The art of tomorrow starts here ....

Constantly looking around him at our everyday, McAlpine Miller has a set of references that are totally different to other painters.  It’s as if, he says, that, “these realities combine to challenge us and perhaps create a greatly unstable world. By uncovering our real issues we discover ourselves. Undressed to the world, yet layered to the world. The illusion continues...”

It appears like he has tagged all this in Pixar animation, transforming, for example, the imagery of Stan Lee, founder of Marvel Comics, and Hanna-Barbera of the 50s and 60s, with Steve Jobs and George Lucas’s Pixar Animation Studios of today.  As in, ’Taking the Trash Out’, where Hanna Barbera is alive in Hoagy’s Alley wearing this new summer season’s high wedge sandal.  It is not just about taking the trash (rubbish) out, it is about the unwanted material – the waste – as the leftovers of our forgotten civilization, about to be recycled for posterity into today’s computer jargon of the ‘trash’ of the PC world.  As he points out, by, “Taking the idea of the central figure and revealing an alternative opinion of that character, [this show hopes] to reveal the ongoing nature of the transparent life.  Beauty is only ever skin-deep and our ability to hide behind the facade has become something of a 21st century art form.”  

Something else, for (some of) the boys, highly topical and relevant to today, you cannot close your eyes to the psychological interpretation of reference to unconscious homosexual fantasy when Batman can now legally marry Robin.  With Catwoman taking the part of the witness, ready to whip you in to shape, in, ‘Woman of the Night’.  DC Comics’ Batman - aka Bruce Wayne the billionaire playboy, industrialist and philanthropist that all Americans aspire to become.  Whilst for the girls, in, ‘Here to Save the Day’, Superman - the fictional Superhero inspires the a-typical personification of the American, apple-pie-loving girl-next-door Gibson Girl, to show what she is prepared to do for her country, not the other way around.  McApline Miller explains, “Highly celebrated and widely identified, beauty hides the ugliness of our reality. War, hatred, anger and religion make up our every day.”

Where, even as goodness Captain America slaps the enemy in the face, you’ll see that it is an extremely sexy, McAlpine Miller high-heeled heroine, in, ‘Salute to the Captain’, from a time when comics cost a slim dime, and models today are just as thin.  And in, ‘A Typical Feminine Trait’, he fuses the Terrytoons animation studio with the multiplex Uncle Sam (metaphor for the United States recruiting of soldiers for the Wars), fighting wars, fighting the great ideals of justice, and even, fighting the fusion of today’s fashionable franchise branding where the references to catwalk anorexia and financial waste (and gain), connect.

McAlpine Miller achieves all this through his all-action comic book colour palette painted with his idiosyncratic, painterly, Old Master skill.  Together with the industrial precision of a commercial graphic illustrator, over, the prominence of what I’d say is surely his own, Social Media edit look.  All blended with Chiaroscurism’s use of shade and light.  Unique to McAlpine Miller, there are two kinds of light in his paintings.  The light of day, where he makes everything known and available.  And the internal, spiritual, light which is when he paints all that which we can only just about imagine in our dreams.  I’d be happy to live in a McAlpine Miller picture.

To help you, he splits his multi-focus Cubist compositions in to single-viewpoints of flat, fixed, fragmented planes that sculpt his storyboard characters over overlapping perspectives.  Exposing them as collaged Pop Art mass culture, that looks physically disturbed by an Expressionistic revelation of images, through to an Abstract subsistence of layer-upon-layer of veiled-on oil paint revealing, informing and identifying a connection that is pure lifestyle. This is all perfectly clear as McAlpine Miller’s wholesome flesh-and-blood bikini-babes retreat to an ever-eternal return that connects the past to the present, and even the future.

There is also something of the conservative, I’d say spiritual, in his compositions too.  From the triptych, ‘Three Times a Lady’, surfaces the early Christian art formatting popular for church altar paintings from the Middle Ages.  McAlpine Miller’s canvas is rich in a visual legacy enabling him to project his content-aware prominence, found only in today’s world of celebrity-worship icon advertising.  Amidst all of this he uses highly distinctive, iconic, 1950s Americana which he blends with Romanticism.  From the portrayal of the beautiful Movie Star from the Golden-olden-good-old-days-gone-by, off-of-the-Silver-Screen, to today’s multicoloured computer-animated, backlit fluorescent light of the iPad, it’s all pure cinema.

He is both painter and public entertainer that, if Jessica Rabbit were alive today, I’m sure that McAlpine Miller would be the artist whom she’d want to be framed by.

©Estelle Lovatt FRSA


Altered Images

Posted on September 9, 2013 by Nikki Miller

“McAlpine Miller is one of the best artists of our time, painting about our time, in the best way I’ve seen. This is how he is changing the course of Art History - much in the same way that Da Vinci, Monet and Picasso did. The art of tomorrow starts here...” Estelle Lovatt, Art Critic

We would like to invite you to the highly anticipated launch of "Altered Images", at Castle Fine Art, 24 Bruton Street, London W1J 6QQ from Friday, 27 September. This exhibition will run till 13 October.

"Altered Images" is the critically acclaimed exhibition by McAlpine Miller, showcasing a series of never-before-seen original art in this exquisite flagship gallery.

Not to be missed!

Altered Images Private View

Posted on September 9, 2013 by Nikki Miller

Thank you to all who attended the Private View of the "Altered Images" Exhibition.

Estelle Lovatt, art critic for BBC Radio 2’s Art Show, has tipped McAlpine Miller as an artist whose work could be worth a significant amount in years to come. 

Lovatt said: “All the things that David Hockney can do with an iPad in terms of colour, McAlpine Miller takes full circle by doing New School in an Old School style all, incredibly, with his oil paints.”

Please do go along and view the exhibition at Castle Fine Art, Bruton Street, until 20 October.

Limited edition prints of some of the paintings have been created and are available to view and purchase from Castle Galleries across the UK and online. Prices start from £995.00.


McAlpine Miller Fashion Ts

Posted on April 4, 2013 by Nikki
McAlpine Miller has collaborated with ‘Fashion’s Fairy Godmother’ Lulu Kennedy of Lulu & Co to launch 3 of his iconic paintings on these super silk tees for the Autumn/Winter 13 collection.

Stockists will include:

Net a Porter
La Coquette
Harvey Nichols
Whitetag (Hawaii)
Russell Street (Hong Kong)
Little Black Dress (Hong Kong)
K3 (Tokyo)
Tsvetnoy (Moscow)
Emeza (Germany)

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Posted on November 11, 2012 by Nikki
The Savoy unveils 'A Time For Reflection' a new collection of works by McAlpine Miller inspired by the hotel and some of its iconic guests. The paintings will hang after an exclusive unveiling on 13 November in the Hotel's iconic Thames Foyer.

Fine Art Collector - cover artist

Posted on October 10, 2012 by Nikki

McAlpine Miller is featured on the front cover of Fine Art Collector. The recent launch of his Limited Editions with renowned Art Publisher, Washington Green, proved to be such a success – they sold out before even being hung on the walls!

Please read the full article here Fine Art Collector

McAlpine Miller 'Fearless' at The Ivy

Posted on September 9, 2012 by Nikki

McAlpine Miller was chosen as one of seven contributors to create a front cover for exclusive style magazine Luxure. The Magazine provides an assured and aspirational guide to the ultimate in the latest culture of luxury; from fashion to the arts, travel to interiors.

True to the concept of celebrating the Fearless theme, the seven cover editions created for the magazines fifth anniversary remained unseen by any of the Luxure team until the unveiling at the exclusive party at London's iconic Club at The Ivy. It has proven to be London Fashion Week's most fabulous, most talked about party. Its international set of contributors and guest, were joined by McAlpine Miller and leading icons from the fashion industry including Manolo Blahnik, Nicola Formichetti, Phil Bicker, atelier-lb, Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones and David Downton. Sponsors included Van Cleef & Arpels and Maison.

Luxure has a unique and focused distribution network. As well as being supplied directly to a host of Royals, Presidents, diplomats and CEOs, it is also distributed to some luxurious ‐ hand‐picked outlets around the world, ranging from the most expensive penthouse in London and a private jet firm in Dubai to the biggest super‐yacht in Monaco and a private hideaway spa in the Maldives. McAlpine Miller's painting, featured as one of the front covers 'a simple matter of balance' was further celebrated at the event by a live performance from leading ballerina Kate Byrne.

McAlpine Miller featured on the BBC News

Posted on March 3, 2012 by Nikki
Please take a look at the attached clip from the BBC news where McAlpine Miller is mentioned during a discussion with Art Critic Estelle Lovatt regarding the recent Picasso sale.

McAlpine Miller Hong Kong exhibition

Posted on January 1, 2012 by Nikki

McAlpine Miller 'Living for The Moment' exhibition in Hong Kong has been a great success. He will continue to be represented by the SOTA Gallery, Hong Kong.

Please read the full article here Aeris Magazine